Studio Update {Teresa’s PhotoWorks | Springfield, MO Family Photographer}

Hello friends, fans, clients and random blog stalkers 😉

I have a few changes to make to this business and I’m going to address them here…

As many of you know, this business is fairly new. I went full time about 2.5 years ago and what a wild adventure it has been! I have been BEYOND blessed to have met so many people, worked with such awesome clients and practice my craft so much. This being said, my business has exploded overnight (technically, all last year) and I am STILL trying to catch up. I quite honestly just can’t do it all, God knows I’ve tried.

So why don’t I just hire people to help me? Great question! When I began this adventure, I never wanted to be so busy that I had many employees. I’m a perfectionist and more than a little OCD 😉 I really only want to have one assistant and that’s it. My niece has graciously agreed to be my part time assistant and I’m beyond thrilled! She starts in a couple weeks, look for pictures of our shenanigans on Facebook and Instagram!

So what’s changing? Well, I am going to stick to my business hours. I will only be answering emails, texts, messages, and calls during my business hours. They are Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-4pm. I still won’t be answering calls while I’m shooting. I’m good at multi-tasking, but not that good 😉

I currently take an absurd amount of appointments a week…. I LOVE being busy but this is too busy. It’s better for everyone if I limit myself so there’s enough of me to go around. From now on, I will only be taking a MAX of 3 regular appointments per week. I am being spread too thin and it’s just not fair to anyone… me, my clients or my family. I have been facing many health problems through all of this. I’ve been in the ER several times, been on rounds of meds, etc. I guess working 12+ hours a day takes a toll on you…

So what can you expect? You know my books are crazy, BUT now that I will only be accepting 3 appointments a week, you will need to book early (like months in advance if possible) and often. Also, you can expect a delay in response times. I will return calls/ messages, etc during business hours only and when I am not shooting. I will do my best to ensure you don’t wait more than 48 hours for a reply. So don’t be alarmed if you call me Saturday morning (I’m usually crazy busy shooting on Saturdays) and not hear back from me until Tuesday. I’m not ignoring you, promise 🙂

To sum this up, I am only one person who is attempting to do the work of 3 and failing. I am taking a step back, slowing down and taking some much needed time to take care of myself. My clients are dear to me and I appreciate every single one of you. You’ve made my dream a reality, I NEVER expected to be so busy. I am beyond blessed and I know it. Thanks again for being awesome.



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